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Self aligning and adjustable Reamers : The Self Aligning Machine Adjustable Reamer is developed to fulfill the requirement of micro-adjustable reamer.
Burnishing Reamer : New matching techniques require new tools, which in turn lead to new matching methods. This constant inter reaction is the driving force which ultimately leads to progress. It is this very factor that leads to continuous development of tools and machine tools.
Numerical Control of machine tools represent a milestones in production  methods. However the increase in operating speed now possible, together with higher precision and production and automation, also places new demands on the tools.

Burnishing Drill : Drills are a known devices in many ways surpasses twist Drills in the range 24mm onwards, as under:


  1. Greater inherent Rigidity.
  2. Heavier feed rates more than compensates for 10% to 15% reduction in RPM hence.
  3. Faster production.
  4. More chips clearance also adds to production speed.


Skiving Tools :

Skiving Cum Burnishing Tools :

Self aligning and adjustable reamers and burnishing reamers are manufactured by M/s Super Surface Tools

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