Roller Burnishing Tools 

Burnishing Tool cold works metal by process of Burnishing Hardened and highly polished precision tapered rolls rotating around and bearing on an inversely tapered mandrel, apply steady rolling pressure against the work surface. The high peaks of prepared surface (generally 80 to 120 micro inches or 2 to 3 micrometers) are flown into the microscopic cavities by the action of rolls under pressure from the tool. This gives surface finish after Burnishing up to 0.05 to 0.4 Micron Ra.


  • Accurate size, close tolerance in taper and ovality.
  • Mirror Finish Surface - in one pass.
  • Work Hardening of the finished surface.
  • Quick Touch, Fine Adjustment Mechanism.
  • Attachable to lathes, Boring Machines, Drill, NC Machines etc.




Roller Burnishing Tools for 
Blind Holes,  Bearing Housing


Roller Burnishing Tools 
for Taper Shafts

External Taper Shaft Burnishing Tool

Various Burnishing Tools

Various types of Roller Burnishing Tools


Roller Burnishing is a cold working process which produces a finer surface finish by the planetary rotation of hardened rolls over a bored or turned metal surface. Roller Burnishing involves cold working the surface of the work piece to improve surface structure.  

In the Burnishing process, the pressure generated by the rolls exceeds the yields point of the softer piece part surface at

the point of contact, resulting a small plastic deformation of the surface structure of the piece part. Since all machined surface consists of a series of peaks and valleys of irregular height and spacing, the plastic deformation created by roller burnishing is a displacement of the 

material in the peaks which cold flows under pressure into the valleys. The result is a mirror like finish with a tough work hardened, wear and corrosion resistant surface. 

The roller burnishing pressure required depends on number of factors like ductility and tensile strength of the material, surface roughness before and after roller burnishing, diameter and   shape of the rolls. 


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